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Welcome to the world of a mother,
caring for a pubescent teenager -
who happens to be autistic.

A fascinating and hilarious stand-up show about a single mum guiding her autistic son through the first stages of puberty.

Expect visual aids, balloons, and a heart-warming insight into the relationship between a mother and her son that is full of laughs. A show not to be missed!

"You are starting a movement and voice that needs to be heard! Please keep doing dates! And I want to hear 'Autism Mama and Puberty' podcast/YouTube show soon please!"


"I was at this show and thought you were brilliant. The way you articulate your story was a whole host of emotions. I almost cried at times and then was in hysterics the next minute. This was different to any stand-up I've seen and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you". x

"Went to see the wonderful Josephine Lacey's one woman show. When she does it again you must see it!"

"Josephine Lacey, I really enjoyed your show last night, it was different from the rest of the comedy shows I've been to!

I love the way you incorporate fun and humour into teaching your autistic son! You're a fantastic mother! Stay blessed".

"I took my friends - we were in the front row.

Absolutely brilliant show! Thank you for the joy and laughter!"

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